Video Games

Two game projects are under development

Bees are in danger, they are under attack and have been able to build a bot to defend themselves from the ennemy waves.
Help them by controling the bot !

beta 01 is now available for Windows 32/64b

Download and unzip the file to your local drive.
Double-click the bee.exe application

you can move Bee by using the arrow keys on your keyboard, firing with Alt key.
use the P key pauses the game and display the menu, use P key again will close the menu and continue the game.

Please keep in mind that the game is still under development.
C&C are welcome.

Second game:
You have entered the shoes of a young man who has found himself dressed like a prisoner in a landlocked from whom no one can escape.
You will still need to find a way out and find out what happened to your family and why you were there.